Signing into your new Gmail Account
Loggin in:

1. Open a browser window (Google Chrome recommended) and goto or You can also access this by visiting our webpage, under Downloads & Links, and clicking on Employee Email.

This is the Google Login Page

2. In the "Email or phone" box type your Chesapeake email address in full. (ie [email protected] - [email protected])

Type your email address similar to the format shown below

3. Click Next and type your password you setup before the migration. If you didn't log your new school Gmail account in prior to now, please contact me via text or call to receive the temporary password.

4. You should now be looking at the new Gmail layout for our school email. It will look similar to this:

5. If you need to change your password click the circl with your first initial or picture, if you've uploaded one already. It will look like this:

6. Once you click on the circle to the far upper right, a drop down will appear like this:

7. Click on the Blue button that says "My Account" You will then be taken to a new tab/page like this:

8. Click on the Blue Lock Sign-in & Security Button with the arrow to the right. You will then be taken to this screen:

9. You will see a menu in the image above that reads Password & sign-in method. Click on the word Password that is listed below that. It shows you the last time your password was changed. It also allows you to configure 2-Step Verification from here. 2-Step Verification requires that a pin be sent to a mobile device in the even of a lost password or an unknown logon attempt. From this point you are in your new email and have navigated to change your password.
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