Bus Routes

Bus Routes





CODE “A” – Buses will run all level surfaces, and children residing on roads accessed

                        by hillsides. Will be delivered to a central bus location for parent pick up

                        and returned to school if non pickup occurs.

CODE “B” - If school remains in session throughout the inclement weather event.

                       NO BUS transportation will be provided. Parents will be required to pick 

                       their child up at school for transport to their residence.




Bus Routing Details


BUS 1 / Tracy West

Indian Guyan Rd. [Co. Rd. 69]

State Route 775 [ St. Rt. 775]

4 mile Rd. [Twp. Rd. 186]

5 mile Rd. [Twp. Rd. 88, Co. Rd. 70]

Bragg Subdivision [Twp. Rds. 339, 340]

Indian Guyan Park [ Twp. Rds. 1267, 1268, 1271]

Suiter Ln. [Pvt. Rd. 5443]


BUS 2 / Mark Pemberton

North Huntington Heights [Twp. Rds. 1378, 1379, 1380]

2nd Avenue


BUS 3 / Kim Ellis

Plumley Pornter Rd.[Twp. Rd. 158] Golf Course side

Henson Hollow Rd. [Twp. Rd. 158, 278 S]

4th Avenue

Miller Street [Twp. Rd. 1198]

Doris Street [Twp. Rd. 1199]

Schneider Drive [Twp. Rd. 1202]

Schneider/Hall Funeral Home [ Co. Rd. 31]

Brown Street [Twp. Rds. 1118, 1128]

BUS 6 / David Blair II

Shafertown [ Co. Rd. 68]

Bent Creek Road [ Co. Rd. 118]

Paul Mosier Hollow [ Twp. Rds. 1010, 1288, 1289, 1287]

BUS 7 / Billie Thacker

State Route 243 from Getaway Bridge [St. Rt. 243]

McKinney Creek Rd. & Steel Trap Rd.  [Co. Rd. 36 & Twp. Rd. 170]

Bradrick [St. Rt. 243]

Coryville Road [ Co. Rd. 3]

BUS 9 / Megan Lawless

Eaton Rd. [Co. Rd. 31]

Boothe Eaton Rd. [Co. Rd. 104]

McIntyre Road [Twp. Rd. 85E]

Camelot Subdivision [Twp. Rd.. 1348, 1349]

Primrose Subdivision [Twp. Rd. 1483]

BUS 14 / Dawn Goodall

Brentwood Subdivision [Twp. Rds. 1273, 1301, 1390, 1300, 1302, 1389]

Golf Course Rd. Brentwood side [Twp. Rd. 158]

Eaton Road from Brentwood to Sate Route 7 [Co Rd 32]

7 Hills Farm


BUS 16 / Amy Baise                                                                       AIDE / Julia Bobby Sowards

Afternoon Pre School Students

BUS 18 / Jared Sowards

Farmview Park [Twp. Rds. 1356, 1357]

Indian Village [Twp. Rds. 1345, 1500]

Tabor Hill [St. Rt. 243]

Little Leatherwood [Co. Rd. 30]

State Route 378 [St. Rt. 378]

Getaway [St. Rt. 243]

Davidson Hill Rd. [Co. Rd. 35]

Orchard Hill Rd. [Co. Rd. 135}

Heather brooke Subdivision [Twp. Rd. 278N]


BUS 20 / Gloria Suiter,  OBI

Green Hollow / Little Buffalo Rd. [Co. Rd. 59]

Tallow Ridge Rd [Co. Rd. 124]

McCoy Rd. [Twp. Rd. 287N]

Bufflao Creek Rd. [Co. Rd. 15]

Nichols Hollow [Twp. Rd 286]

County Rd. 1 [ Airport to High School]

Upper & Lower Terrace [Twp. Rd. 1079, 1077,1095,1096,1412,1413]

BUS 21/ David W. Ridenour, Transportation Supervisor

Rankins Creek, Davisdon Hill to Big Branch [Co. Rd. 17]

Top of Jarrell’s Hill [Co. Rd. 31]

Big Branch Rd. North of Plumley Poynter Rd. to Rankins Creek Rd. [Co. Rd 31 to Co. Rd. 17]

Hawthorne Dr. [Twp. Rd. 1119]

Lea Mar Subdivision [Twp. Rd. 1208]

Greendale Subdivision [Twp. Rd. 1093]

Tutweiller Drive [Twp. Rd. 1202]

CES Student’s to MS/HS [Morning]


BUS 22 / Lori Elkins

County Road 1 [East]

3rd Avenue to 6th Street bridge

Dogtown [Co. Rd. 123]

Symmes Creek Rd. [Co. Rd. 123]

County Road 1 [West]

Kimball Lane [Twp. Rd. 287]


BUS 23 / Andy Ridenour  

Bear Creek Rd. [Co. Rd. 115]

Judge Ater’s ( open enrollment students)

Honeysuckle Ln. [ Twp. Rd. 187 W & E]

Greasy Ridge Rd. [ Co. Rd. 2]

Afternoon – Elementary Staff to Middle School


BUS 24/ Sherry Bennett                                                                                      Aide/Julia Malavenda

In District IEP Students

Open Door School

Rock Hill Behavioral Unit


BUS 27/ Christa Hunt

3rd avenue from Symmes Creek Bridge to 6th street bridge

Rockwood Avenue from the Symmes Creek bridge  to Community Center

St. Rt. 7 to Bradrick [ Willow Street, TaxMasters, 26th Street Hollow]

Afternoon – Elementary Staff to High School

                     HS/MS staff to Elementary School


MULTI-PURPOSE VEHICLE /  Steven E. Ridenour                                      Aide/ Tristan Fry

Inter District SBH Students as approved by District Administration

SBH Pre-K Students Morning


 SUBSTITUTE BUS Operators                                                         Substitute Van Operators

Roland Diamond                                                                                Julia Malavenda  

Spencer Baise                                                                                    Jason Keeney

                                                                                                             Billie Saunders


Spencer Baise


  Effective 8/3/23






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