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Superintendent's Message

Employees of the Chesapeake Exempted Village School District have been working over the summer to prepare for the opening of the 2011-2012 school year. The heat, humidity, and rain have presented a few unique challenges this summer and have caused some delays in the routine work which must be completed prior to the start of school; however, school will open as scheduled for students on Friday, August 19, 2011. Please refer to the district web site, (WWW.PEAKE.K12.OH.US), and the school TV channel for up-to-date information. For information about a specific building, please refer to the building link on the web site or call the building principal.


Before sharing news about the 2011-2012 school year, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students and the staff at the elementary school and the high school for achieving an EXCELLENT designation on the state report card. We are pleased to report that this is the first time the high school has achieved this prestigious designation.


At the high school, Mr. Troy Tucker has been named the new high school principal. Several changes in staffing and assignments have been made for this coming school year. Brittany Schwartzwelder, who taught at the middle school last year, will be joining the high school staff teaching World History. Four new teachers will be joining the high school staff from Collins Career Center to teach in the Project Lead the Way programs in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. Please join me in welcoming Matt Monteville and Linda Watters, both teaching Biomedical Sciences and Ival Shields and Bob Oehler, both teaching in the Pre-Engineering program. Beginning this year, the Biomedical Sciences program is in full implementation with offerings in grades 9 through 12. Kim Wells, previously an administrator, will be dividing her time between the high school and middle school serving as an intervention teacher with a focus on math. Colleen Sexton and Dr. Dave Lucas will co-teach the high school speech class this year with students having the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously completing high school graduation requirements. We will continue to offer college credit in physics and calculus. High school faculty members with new assignments include Andy Clark who will be teaching physical education;Tyler Marcum, U.S. History and psychology; Chris Ball, government; and JenniferStapleton, English and high school librarian.


The middle school will be welcoming several new teachers to the staff this coming year. Mrs. Jamie Saunders and Miss Ashley Bragg who taught at the elementary school last year will be joining the 5th grade team. Mrs. Saunders will be teaching math while Miss Bragg will be teaching science. John Hayes, previously an administrator, will be serving as an intervention teacher, dividing his time between the middle and elementary schools. Brittany Pinkerman and Heather Schwamberger, both middle school staff members last year, will be joining the 8th grade team. Mrs.Pinkerman will be teaching reading, and Mrs. Schwamberger will be teaching English composition. Christie Jones will remain with the 7th grade team but will be teaching social studies.


At the elementary building, there will be a few changes in teaching assignments. Heather Bowen will be teaching second grade, and Linda Long will be teaching Character Education.


As school staff members, we have worked hard to up grade technology and provide opportunities for teachers and students to incorporate technologies into teaching and learning. Over the past several years, we have added new technology equipment and a campus-wide wireless network. As one of our teachers recently said, “The new technology allows me to create highly interactive lessons that maintain student engagement, all the while, protecting the integrity of my teaching process and academic content. ”This year the district added 30 computer tablets and 30 computer note books to each of the school buildings. At the high school, the new computers will be used in the life skills area and for intervention purposes. At the middle school, the 30 tablets will be used at the 5th and 6th grade level and the 30 computer note books will be used at the 7th and 8th grade levels as a way to encourage the use of technology across all subject areas. The elementary school will be using the 60 new computers by piloting two technology-integrated classrooms and adding a second computer lab. Mrs. Hutchinson's 4th grade class will work on computer note books as part of their classroom instruction in all content areas. Mrs. Harris’s first graders will be working with the computer tablets on a daily basis to enhance the curriculum and encourage the use of technology.


A new TV program highlighting the work and accomplishments of staff and students is currently being planned.


It is a privilege to serve as your superintendent, and I look forward to working with staff, students, parents,and community members over the next four years to achieve our mission of inspiring all students to become passionate life-long learners, innovative problem solvers, and responsible citizens who are empowered to pursue their purpose.


If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me at 867-3135 or by email at


Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable school year.



Scott Howard,




Chesapeake High School

Mr. Troy Tucker, Principal




Chesapeake Middle School

Mr. Sam Gue, Principal




Chesapeake Elementary School

Mrs. Jamie Shields, Principal




Mrs. Julie Mayo, Director of Special Education